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Booking The Royal Virginians

If you are looking for great, live music that you can dance to, or just enjoy, we can top off your event with the 15-piece Royal Virginians Big Band Orchestra. The Royal Virginians are available for weddings, dances, private & corporate events, music festivals, or any other event looking for a big band.  Vocalists Dick Orange and Deborah Leone add the perfect touch to this elegant orchestra.

Please see our FAQ section for detailed information about our requirements or to answer any questions you may have about the orchestra.

Stage Requirements
The orchestra needs a minimum of 12 feet x 30 feet for a stage. The stage may be raised or floor level. Since the majority of performances by the Orchestra are dances or dinner dances, we recommend that floor space at least twice the size as the stage area be left open in front of the orchestra for dancing.  We also require 15 armless chairs (folding chairs are fine).  Click here to see a diagram of our stage setup.

Electrical Requirements
Any of our equipment that needs electricity will run on standard 110 circuits. The orchestra will furnish its own sound system, extension cords, and will need close access to at least two standard outlets. Any electricity provided must be able to power the orchestra's sound system, amps for the keyboard and guitar, and 15 stand lights (around 1060 watts).

Setup/Breakdown Time
A minimum of one hour on each side of the gig is required for setup and breakdown. This time will not be charged to the client.

Booking Your Event
Thank you for contacting us! When contacting us about performing for your event, please include:  the city/state where the event will be held, the time frame that you would like the band to perform, and the venue (if known) where the event will be held.  This will help us help you.

You can send an e-mail by clicking here for a FREE price quote or give us a call: (804)-864-1040.

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The Royal Virginians Are Available To Perform In The Following Major Cities And Beyond:
Big Band Richmond, VA - Big Band Charlottesville, VA - Big Band Fredericksburg, VA - Big Band Williamsburg, VA - Big Band Virginia Beach, VA - Big Band Roanoke, VA - Big Band Hot Springs, VA - Big Band Charleston, WV - Big Band White Sulphur Springs, WV - Big Band Washington, DC - Big Band Baltimore, MD - Big Band Atlantic City, NJBig Band New York, NY - Big Band Charlotte, NC - Big Band Ashville, NC - Big Band Myrtle Beach, SC - Big Band Atlanta, GA


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