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Which Way Do I Go?


It has been said: "DJ's are like buying vanilla and there isn't ten cents worth of difference between them. They all play the same CD's and flash the same cheap lights at the dance floor. Like a McDonald's hamburger, they offer a uniform product and service." And, I might add, they all taste the same.

When looking for special event entertainment, many people today are pleasantly surprised to find that live music is more affordable than they might have initially thought. 

The myth that DJ entertainment is always less expensive than live entertainment just does not hold true anymore. While live entertainment costs have held steady or even slightly declined over the past several years, there has been a fairly steady rise in the costs for DJ entertainment. It is true that with a DJ you will normally have less people to pay, but with the introduction of more elaborate sound systems, DJ teams, dancers, giveaway gimmicks, and light shows, many DJs offer packages which are more expensive than hiring live musicians. 

Most importantly, there is a fundamental reason that DJs have had to improve their offerings and consequently increase their overall cost. DJ entertainment simply does not carry the overall entertainment value of a live musical performance. 

This is an often overlooked but important point to consider when planning a special event. Here's why. At any special event, inevitably, your guests will be comprised of a mixed crowd varying in, among other things, age, ethnicity, and background, as well as their desire to be reserved or outgoing. For some guests the music will spawn activity and they will spend the majority of their time on the dance floor. For others, who might have less of a desire to dance, live music provides an equally enjoyable concert or lounge-type atmosphere. The bottom line is that live entertainment is both a participatory activity and a spectator sport all rolled into one.

This is the unequalled entertainment value of live music. It is clearly demonstrated by the millions of people who attend concerts, symphonies, outdoor festivals, and night clubs to hear live entertainers perform each year. There is an inherent power and energy in live entertainment that captivates and appeals to the audience. 

So, when planning for your next event, be sure to check the prices and think about the overall entertainment value you want to give your guests. Live entertainment is sure to make your special event a more memorable and satisfying experience for your guests.



1. Live Music Creates Excitement
When you hear live music, whether you are at a nightclub or a wedding, it means something special is happening. It naturally draws a crowd and invites people to join in on the fun. Each year, millions of people pay huge amounts of money to attend concerts to hear their favorite singers or groups perform because they want to feel the energy of the performer. Live musicians have been noted as heating-up the room, with the energy they deliver for an event. 

2. Live Music Makes Every Occasion Special
The difference between live music and pre-recorded music is similar to the difference between going to a Broadway show and watching a movie. The live orchestra and entertainment make the show special. 

3. Live Music More Easily Sets And Changes A Mood
Social events are all about human interaction. Live musicians can read the crowd and react to their needs. Live music can set the right tone and mood, and change it throughout the event if necessary. Good musicians and groups form a bond with the guests delivering exactly what they want. 

4. Guests Prefer Live Music
How often have you heard someone describe an event they attended by saying something like "That band was great! You should have heard them play!" The music is usually the most memorable part of any function. 

5. We All Have CD's At Home
Do you really want to go out and hear someone play the same CDs you have in your home? Enough said!



FINALLY, people today have become tired of the same, old, hum-drum, "canned" music that has been synthesized with a "computerish" sound and mechanical feel.

The ONLY thing people find refreshing anymore is the NATURAL sounds of real live brass and woodwinds, real horns, played by human beings with natural, undistorted guitars, and real acoustic drums. All played by musicians who play with feeling and emotion and who can actually swing. Along with a singer who has real talent and presence.

Put a real good live band in front of your guests and watch their faces of joy and amazement. Reap their praises and compliments for months and years to come!

P.S. - - We promise not to monopolize, or try to become the center of attention during your event, with the kind of talk, talk, talk and commentary that DJ's commonly use to create "entertainment."



OK - So you really want a DJ? We can provide the same service! Do you have specific contemporary needs that would normally be handled by a DJ? NO PROBLEM! You can burn to CD specific songs you wish to be played at your function and we'll play them through our professional sound system during our breaks or at any requested time during our performance! With us, YOU CAN GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Give Us A Call Today!  (804)-859-0938.  We'd Be Happy To Speak With You About Your Event.

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