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Check out the Richmond, Virginia 2019 Big Band Weekend, featuring the music of Guy Lombardo.

Guy, Lebert, Carmen, & Victor Lombardo!

Thank you for stopping by our web site. From about 1996 - 2005, The Guy Lombardo society published a monthly Newsletter called "The Tempo," a title taken from the name of Guy Lombardo's famous speed boat.  Around 2005, membership began to drop off and it was decided to cease publication and concentrate solely on this web site.  We hope this web site will be a repository for "all things Guy Lombardo."

The Guy Lombardo Society was started by me, Joe Enroughty, back when I was still a kid in high school.  I was born in April of 1978, six months after Guy Lombardo passed away in November of 1977.  Today, I am the successful leader of The Royal Virginians Big Band based out of Richmond, Virginia.  The Royal Virginians perform Big Band music in the style of Guy Lombardo (and a few of the other "sweet" bands of the Big Band Era).  You can check out the band

Please feel free to explore this site and enjoy learning more about Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians or just reminiscing about old times.  We are still working on some links, but should have everything operational soon.

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