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An Open Letter to the Bride and Groom:

On behalf of myself and The Royal Virginians Big Band, let me congratulate you both and wish you all the best on your wedding day and there after. We'd be very happy to be a part of your reception! We have been a part of many, many weddings and have really enjoyed each and every one.

Allow me to introduce you to The Royal Virginians. We are a 15-piece Big Band complete with vocalists. Our music is styled for dancing, so you can be sure that your guests will be dancing the night away. From the swing classic "In The Mood" to the Latin rhythm of "Begin The Beguine", we keep the crowd out on the dance floor and make a memorable event for everyone.

Why do we play weddings? Because they are so much fun! The guests come expecting to have a good time, and it's a pleasure for us to see everyone dancing, and having a ball all through out our performance. We are gratified to help make that special day such fun for the bride and groom and their family and friends. The cards, letters, and e-mails of appreciation we have received from past clients mean a lot to all of us.

Simply put, we understand what works at receptions. We have the experience and ability to bring out the best in a crowd, so everyone has a good time. You've obviously chosen to look at our orchestra because you want the nostalgic sound of a big band making music at your wedding. It takes a fine hand -- and a fine band -- to work that crowd so that guests remember your reception as an excellent start to new friendships and new relationships.

The Royal Virginians prepare thoroughly for each wedding. We work with you well in advance, planning the ceremony and reception timeline, refining the music selection, coordinating with the caterer and location manager (this is very important), and preparing for any contingency. After all of the weddings we've played, we're ready, willing, and able to handle any scenario.

Then on the big day, we finalize the schedule with the photographers and caterer (yes, there are usually last-minute changes). We help ensure that the event comes off smoothly without requiring any on-the-scene management by the bride or groom (who should be happily occupied with guests and each other!).

Selecting music is critically important, and a reflection of your personal tastes. We make it easy. We can provide you with a listing of many of the songs we perform during an evening of dancing and allow you to pick what you wish to hear and what you don't wish to hear. We're pretty good at selecting music for receptions too, so we can advise you on your selections and also help you make things just as you would like them to be. Click here for our online listing of many of the tunes we perform on a regular basis.

You've chosen a big band for your reception, and so for the most part we understand that you want that nostalgic feeling to be evident in the music. However, we also understand that there will be diverse age groups at your reception and we aim to please as many people as possible. While all of our music is played in a big band style, we do venture into the 60's and 70's and ever so slightly into the 80's and 90's so that we can please as many people as possible. Our idea is to fit the song to the style of music we perform rather than vice versa.

For wedding receptions, we find that our regular repertoire works just fine. A proven program of dance music shouldn't be tampered with, right? We can perform such favorites as "Misty" along with more contemporary hits such as "My Heart Will Go On". Variety is the key here. Being a big band, we can't forget such swing era favorites as "In The Mood" and "Tuxedo Junction". Yes, you can be sure that there will be something for everyone at your reception. The energy and emotion put into our performances will have everyone (even your 6 year old nephew) dancing at some point.
At every engagement, we conform to the event by observing the attendees and by catering to the needs of the audience. We always try to accommodate requests in addition to our regular performance material. While we are always willing to work with the client by accepting advance requests, we will occasionally limit requests to the arrangements at hand. That's because we want to make sure you hear the professional orchestra that you hired, as opposed to musicians sight reading material.

99% of all our engagements are booked because people have hired us for who we are and what we do, and not for who they want us to be.
You can take a look at some of the "first dance" selections that other couples have selected in the past by clicking here.  Of course, if you have your heart set on a special song that is not in our library, our musical arrangers are always available to create a special arrangement for you at a nominal fee. Click Here for our arrangement policy.

The performance is the main thing for The Royal Virginians. It's clear that we love to perform, and that helps everyone to have a great time. As entertainers, we take tremendous joy in doing our job well. As an integral part of your wedding reception, we take our responsibilities seriously. We keep things moving with smooth fast transitions, short breaks, and good coordination with the multitude of activities. Nothing flusters us (we've seen it all) and we remain flexible to happily accommodate any last-minute changes in plan... no problem!
The greatest majority of wedding receptions for which we perform are contracted for 3 hours.

The first hour will be taken up with the orchestra entertaining your guests while you are finishing up with pictures.

The second hour is for the important and memorable moments like the bride's first dance, the bride's dance with her father, and the all important cutting of the cake.

The third hour is a "wind down" time from a very long day for all concerned. It's a good time to gently close the bar, get designated drivers assigned, and provides a chance to socialize with your well wishing friends before you toss the garter and ESCAPE!

We would also suggest that you plan toasts, speeches, and the like to take place during our intermissions. This allows you to take maximum advantage of the planned playing time of 45 minute sets, followed by the customary 15 minute intermissions.
We will take an "inquiry" on your date and put a hold on it until you call to confirm and arrange for a formal contract. However, if we receive another request for the un-contracted date you have chosen, we will call you immediately. At that point, a decision will be needed along with a deposit and signed contract if you wish us to commit that date to your use. It is also a good idea to reserve the date as soon as you book a hall for your reception.

If you'd like to consider us for your wedding, please feel free to call me on (804)-859-0938 or send email to A Demo CD is also available by e-mailing or calling. Better yet, why not attend one of our live performances? Just visit our schedule page to find out where we're playing next.  You can also view sample video clips by clicking here.
Not sure you can afford a "live" band for your event?  Click Here to learn why a live band will make your reception much more memorable and still save you money.
Thank you for your consideration, and best wishes on your special day.

Joe Enroughty
Joe Enroughty
Director, The Royal Virginians Big Band

Washington, D.C. Metro Weddings

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