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Joe Enroughty And His Royal Virginians

Keeping the Big Band sound alive takes effort.  The orchestra practices monthly to stay sharp and learn new charts, but getting the word out about upcoming performances can be costly.  So we ask that you join our "street crew" to help promote our performances.


1. Tell your friends about our orchestra. Send them the link to our website:

2. Sign up for our mailing list (below). This will keep you up-to-date with our performances.

3. Download our latest flyer about our upcoming performance by clicking here. Run off some copies and slap them up at work, your church - you name it. Just make sure you only post them in approved and proper locations.  Always ask if you can post a flyer before doing so.

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The Royal Virginians Are Available To Perform In The Following Major Cities And Beyond:
Big Band Richmond, VA - Big Band Charlottesville, VA - Big Band Fredericksburg, VA - Big Band Williamsburg, VA - Big Band Virginia Beach, VA - Big Band Roanoke, VA - Big Band Hot Springs, VA - Big Band Charleston, WV - Big Band White Sulphur Springs, WV - Big Band Washington, DC - Big Band Baltimore, MD - Big Band Atlantic City, NJBig Band New York, NY - Big Band Charlotte, NC - Big Band Ashville, NC - Big Band Myrtle Beach, SC - Big Band Atlanta, GA

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