Where Are They Now?

Kenny Gardner passed away on July 26th, 2002 at the age of 89. He was the greatest of all Lombardo vocalists and will surely be missed.
Elaine Lombardo Gardner passed away in September of 1999 She was Guy's younger sister, and was married to Kenny Gardner.
Rose Marie Lombardo Rogers passed away on March 16th, 2011. She was Guy's younger sister and joined his band as a vocalist when she was only 16. Her husband Sydney, passed away in 1999.
None of the Lombardo Brothers are living.
Guy played violin and was the leader of the band. He stopped playing the violin by the mid-1930's, but occasionally he would bring it back for special recordings. He died on November 5th, 1977. Carmen played lead alto sax and flute. He was the chief vocalist in the 1930's. He died in April of 1971. Lebert played drums in the early days, and then switched to the trumpet. He also sang back in the 1930's and 40's on quite a few recordings. He died in 1993. Victor played the baritone and soprano saxophones, clarinet, and bass clarinet. He formed a band of his own in the late 1940's, but gave it up to return to his brorther's band. He died in 1994. Joseph was an interior decorator and architect. He had little musical talent. He died in 1995.
Joe Cipriano who took Fred Higman's place on Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute in 1962, and who later took Carmen's place, is now living in Florida with his his daughter and her family.
Ty Lemley who played guitar in the band from 1969-1977 lives in Las Vegas and now performs with the Kinda Dixie Jazz Band. He is featured on guitar, bass, and vocals with that band.
Hugo D'ipolitto who played one of the twin pianos from 1934-1935, 1959-1966, and 1969-1975 has died. He was 94.
Jimmie Brown who was a vocalist and Alto Saxophonist during the war passed away in 2010. Jimmie was with the band from 1942-1945.
Bill Flannigan who played Guitar, Euphonium, the Clavietta, Trombone, and who sang in the band from 1950-1965 passed away in June of 2006. He was 86 years old. His wife Cristine passed away a few weeks after he did.
Joe Van Blerck who was Guy's godson and who played Drums in the band from 1976-1978 is now a photographer and he owns his own business with his wife.
Don Cooper who played Trombone in the band from 1958-1975 and 1977 up until Guy's death, died in late 2009.
Peter Selveggio who played Accordion and piano in the band from 1965-1966 and 1973-1975, passed away on December 29th, 2003. He had retired from Cleveland, Ohio to North Fort Meyers, Florida. He was 62 years old.

Cliff Grass who was a featured vocalist, Alto Saxophonist, and Clarinetist in the band from 1945-1975 passed away in 1993.
Fred Higman who was a longstanding member of The Lombardo Trio and who played Tenor Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet in the band from the 1920's until 1962 has passed away.
Fred Kreitzer who was the original Pianist, and later became an integral part of the Twin Pianos, has passed away.  He was with the band from it's inception and remained with the band until 1966.

Dewey Bergman who was an arranger for The Royal Canadians from 1937-1977, died in 1989.
Larry Owen who was an original member of the sax section ( he played Alto and Clarinet), an original member of The Lombardo Trio, an arranger for the band (1920's-1977), and the band's manager, passed away in 1978 (just a few months after Guy).  During the 1940's (December, 1939 - 1949), Larry left the band and worked with other sweet bands such as Art Kassel and Jan Garber.
Buddy Brennan who was one of the Twin Pianists from the late 1940's to about 1959 passed away in 1987. He was also an arranger and did some arranging for the band while Dewey Bergman was working with his own band in the early 50's.
Dudley Fosdick who joined the band in the mid 1930's has passed away. He introduced his patented "Fosophone" into the Lombardo brass section. He stayed with the band until 1949 and passed away in 1955.
Francis Vigneau who took Hugo D'Ipollito's place as one of the Twin Pianos, was in the band from 1935-1944 or 45. He also played the Vibraphone and the Spinetto. He died in 1995.
Alton Hines who played Trumpet in the band next to Lebert during the late 1940's, passed away several years ago.
Glen Rumble who played Saxophone in the band for two years during the 1970's is living in Rodney, Ontario with his wife.
Hunter Fuerste who played Trombone in the band from 1976-1977, was head of the Iowa Medical Society in 2001. He is one of the best Ophthalmologists in the country and leads his own dance band called "The American Vintage Orchestra" which authentically recreates the sounds of "The Big Band Era." Visit his web site http://www.hunterfuerste.com
Don Rodney who played Guitar and sang as a soloist and with the Lombardo Trio from 1945-1950 and again for about eight months in 1957-1958, died in the early 1990's.
Charlie Sauss who played Accordion and 2nd Piano in the band from 1976-1978, lives in Staten Island, New York.  I have spoken with him several times by telephone and he is a great person to know.  He still performs regularly and has a CD available of his music.
James Ernest who played 2nd Trumpet and Mellophone with The Royal Canadians from 1966-1968 and again in 1971, lives in Pennsylvania and has retired from performing.

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